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About: Coupons

Coupons provide discounts on selected Premium Shop offers.

Where to find my coupons

  1. After logging in, go to the Premium Shop.
  2. Find My coupons in the top menu.
  3. Your active coupons will be listed there (when applicable).

Offers where the coupon can be applied will have small coupon icon next to the price.

How to use a coupon

  1. Once you select a package to purchase, and if one of your coupons is applicable, check Select a discount coupon.
  2. If there is more than one usable coupon, you will be able to choose from the list of applicable coupons.
  3. Verify the final price and proceed with the purchase.

Additional info

  • On the coupon list, hover your mouse pointer over the bundle name to verify whether you can use a coupon for a specific offer.
  • Each coupon can only be used once.
  • Only one coupon can be used per purchase.
  • Coupons are ineligible for phone and SMS payments.
  • Coupons have an expiration date.

After an unsuccessful payment attempt, the selected coupon will become unavailable for 60–120 minutes. Try again once the cooldown period has passed.

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