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Pingplotter: how to interpret the results

PingPlotter tests your network for high latency and packet loss and generates understandable reports. This is useful as a self-help assessment and in those cases where you may be unable to run a WGCheck Network Diagnostics.

  • Download Pingplotter Free HERE.
  • Interpreting Pingplotter results HERE.

What is not a problem?

Example 1:

Even though the long black lines indicate ping spikes as high as 205 ms, they are not being mirrored on the final hop to our World of Tanks game server.

Example 2:

Even though there are ping spikes as well as some packet loss while en route, the final connection to the game server is good. Why?
Because in these cases, the final "hop" shows a very good ping of less than 50 ms and no packet loss.

What is a problem?

Example 1:

High ping, as well as packet loss (PL%), is observed on the last "hop".

Example 2:

The black lines indicate "lag spikes". You can also expand each of the server reports to a detailed view, as shown in the picture below, which has the first hop and the router, as well as the last hop, which is our game server.

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