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Exterior customization and missing elements

To make your vehicle a truly individual and unique battle machine, you can customize its exterior. To customize the whole vehicle or just some parts, please follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a tank, that you wish to customize and click on Exterior (marked in green).
  2. Now you will be faced with various options of customization marked in green. Elements at the bottom of the screen can be obtained from missions, special events, purchases, and various promotional packages, such as Twitch.
  3. Progressions Elements on the left differ from the rest because they are based solely on your performance in the battle. They become available as you progress through the ranks.
  4. Finally, when you are decided on your new look, click on Apply and Exit and test it out in the battle.

Good to know

  • Some tanks like Skorpion G or STG Guard come with a default style which can’t be removed. Further customization on those tanks is not possible.
  • More information about customization HERE.
  • Player Support will not investigate missing elements of customization unless goods were first obtained in the last 48 hours.

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