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Creating an AIDA64 Report

AIDA64 is the most popular program for reviewing and diagnosing all the features of a personal computer. AIDA64 provides comprehensive information on the composition of the computer: hardware, programs, operating system, network, connected devices, as well as all the components of the system. It also includes a whole set of tests to check the performance and stability of the computer. The massive database of devices supported by the program is regularly updated, which means that the reports produced by AIDA64 are always relevant.

This is a commercial program, but anyone can download AIDA64 and use it for free during the trial period.

The AIDA64 report contains information on the following computer features:

  • Type of operating system
  • Security of the Windows operating system
  • Windows operating system updates
  • Windows event logs
  • Type of computer
  • Hardware type (CPU, memory, video card, network, sound, etc.)
  • Hardware acceleration rate
  • Hardware temperature
  • Processor load at the time of program execution
  • Paging file
  • Processes running at the time of report creation
  • Autoload
  • Installed software
  • DirectX files
  • System drivers (traces of incorrectly removed programs, remaining antivirus kernels, viruses)
  • Network settings

You can download the installation file of the program either from the official site or from our server.

How to Create an AIDA64 Report:

  1. Download the WOT_aida64.rpf file, which specifies all the necessary data.
  2. To create an AIDA64 report, enter the Report Wizard menu.
  3. Select the WOT_aida64.rpf file that you previously saved.
  4. After selecting the WOT_aida64.rpf file, select the Plain Text report format.
  5. After the report is created, save the data in a *.txt document.
  6. Once you have completed the creation of the AIDA64 report, attach the report to the ticket you submit to Player Support.

Before sending the ticket to Player Support, be sure to zip-archive the report.

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