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Is your graphics card overheating?

You can check if your graphics card is overheating with TechPowerUp GPU-Z.

  1. Download TechPowerUp GPU-Z.
  2. Launching it will open an installation window for GPU-Z.
    Installing the software is not necessary to use this application, so click "No".
  3. Launch the application and choose the necessary video card from the list (if you have several).
  4. On the Sensors tab, enable "Log to file." This will turn on log recording.
  5. Choose the folder you would like to save the log to.
  6. Launch the game and play a couple of battles. If you notice a considerable decrease in FPS, or any other issues, note the time and specify it in the ticket so that our Player Support agents can compare the temperatures in the log with the time you noticed performance issues.
  7. After you finish testing, disable log recording (untick "Log to file" on the Sensors tab).
  8. Open the folder you specified for saving logs, find a file named similarly to "GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt," and put it into a .zip file.
  9. You can attach this file to your ticket.

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