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CPU Overheating Check

You can check whether your CPU is overheating by using the Core Temp application which is supported by most CPUs.

CPU Diagnostics with Core Temp

  1. Download the application from our server:
  2. Unpack the archive to any folder and run the "Core Temp" file. The following window will appear:
  3. To record logs, open the "Tools" menu and click "Logging On."
  4. Launch the game client and play three or four battles. If you notice a drop in FPS, record the time at which it occurred and mark it in the ticket to enable Player Support to compare the CPU temperature readings in the log file against the times when any problems occurred.
  5. Once the testing is complete, disable logging.

    Archive the resulting file named somewhat like "CT-Log 2014-12-22 17-47-34.csv" as a ZIP file, and make sure to attach this to your ticket. This file is located in the same folder as the Core Temp application.

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