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Test server. How Do I Report a Bug?

The main purpose of the test server is to evaluate and adjust the updated game balance. All efforts will be focused on game mechanics, vehicles, consumables, equipment, and crews.

Please post any ideas or feedback, as well as bug reports, on the official World of Tanks Discord.

If you encounter any issues with authorization on the test server, please contact Player Support.

How Do I Submit a Ticket to Player Support?

  1. Go to the Player Support website, log in (if you're not sure how to, read these instructions), and create a ticket.
  2. Provide a detailed description of your issue, suggestion, or question—this will significantly speed up processing of your ticket by our Player Support specialists. If possible, attach files of screenshots, receipts, scans, etc. by dragging and dropping them from your browser or clicking Choose files to upload to find them on your computer. Then click the Send Ticket button.

If your ticket is meant for the technical department, please attach the DxDiag and WGCheck reports to the ticket. You can learn how to retrieve them in the dedicated articles for DxDiag and WGCheck.

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