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Update 1.14. Changes

Dear players. Please keep in mind there is a news article about our latest update 1.14 on the portal. Key information about the update:

Brand-new Czechoslovakian brawlers are ready to storm the battlefield, Commanders! The new branch consists of four researchable heavies from Tier VII to Tier X. Starting from Tier VIII, all Czechoslovakian warriors will give you the possibility to choose from two top guns to match your preferred gameplay style. One gun fires in regular mode, while the other is a two-shell autoloader with a short reload time between shells. Pick the one you like the most and annihilate your enemies! More info.

Changes To Personal Missions For Artillery

We're updating some Personal Missions for artillery to make them more achievable. We tried to rework the missions for a certain amount of stun and damage because these parameters were affected in Update 1.13. The rest of the less complex missions remain unchanged. The missions' changes are not very significant, because SPGs can still effectively stun enemy vehicles with the first HE shell and deal damage with the second one. More info.

Premium tanks rebalancing

We’re continuing to work on rebalancing popular Premium and reward tanks and updating their combat effectiveness. This time, we're improving the characteristics of some your favorite tanks from different nations, including: T34 and T34 B, AMX Chasseur de chars, KV-5, IS-6 and IS-6B, 112, WZ-111 and WZ-111 Alpine Tiger, T-34-3, M48A2 Räumpanzer, M46 Patton KR, T95E2, 59-Patton.

We’re enhancing their strengths to emphasize their gameplay and make them more competitive on the battlefield. More info.

Field Modification

Want to fine-tune your favorite vehicles to make them better suit your needs and personal playstyle? Take advantage of Field Modification, a brand-new feature for tweaking specific characteristics of Tier VI–X tanks (including Collectors', special, and Premium vehicles). Field Modification consists of three types of special adjustments you can make to a vehicle's parameters or setup. Try it out and take a fresh look at the strengths of your favorite tanks! More info.

Welcome to Safe Haven!

A brand-new Random Battles map is here! Welcome to Safe Haven, a spacious 1000x1000-meter summer map set in 1960s Japan. It is designed as a demilitarized civilian port adjacent to a traditional fishing village.

Safe Haven is divided into two large gameplay zones. The first is the harbor area with plenty of cover and a huge bunker where heavily armored vehicles will feel right at home. The second is a picturesque green zone, which is good for faster and less-armored tanks. Ambush TDs and SPGs will also find some advantageous positions here. Explore Safe Haven and get ready for intense clashes on a new battlefield! More info.

Improve Your Map Knowledge in Topography!

To help newcomers better navigate maps in World of Tanks, we're introducing a new training mode: Topography. The training in this mode takes place in a single-player mission format, where you’ll be able to master the basics of playing on maps of different difficulties. Completing missions and exploring maps will improve your navigation skills and help increase your survivability. Plus, you will get rewards, including credits, free XP, and consumables. More info.



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