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How can I get a premium tank/ship back that I have sold?

We are offering to restore:

"Premium tanks" that were:
  • purchased with gold from in-game tech tree
  • purchased from the premium shop
  • awarded from Clan War events
  • received as Gift tanks
  • awarded from Personal Mission
  • awarded from Special Event
"Premium Ships" that were:
  • purchased with doubloon from in-game tech tree
  • purchased from the premium shop
  • received as Gift ships
  • awarded from Special Event

We DO NOT restore rental tanks or time limited event tanks i.e: T-62 A Sports, Karl, T57 Heavy (R), etc.

Terms and Conditions of the Policy

  • You will not receive your old tank/ship but a brand new tank/shipold crew, experience, camouflage, consumables and equipment are not included.

  • You must prepare a certain amount of credits and a garage slot

  • The tank/ship sold must not be older than 365 days of the date when ticket was submittedmust also be sold off in your Asia account.

  • You may only restore once per game onlyIf you have availed the restoration policy once, you cannot avail it anymore.

You may send a ticket to the Asia support team if you want to avail the One-Time Restoration Policy.

Do include the following information in your ticket:

  • Name of the tank/ship you wish to restore.

  • Date of the tank/ship was sold (at least the month and year)

You can verify the name of the tank in our wiki.

OR you may use the 'Buyback feature' implemented only for WoT PC (tanks).
You may refer to this link .

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