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Team Killing and Team Damage

World of Tanks Blitz has implemented an automated system to accurately track the damage and destruction caused by allied vehicles – i.e. vehicles on your team. All friendly fire activities will be logged automatically by the system and do not require reporting.


How does this system work?

Friendly fire by any player is tracked both for the amount of damage caused as well as the frequency of incidents over a given period of time.  Penalties for excessive friendly fire that is clearly not inflicted accidently are issued automatically to an account with its severity determined by the above mentioned factors.

As friendly fire can be inflicted accidently, no immediate action will be taken but frequent violators of the friendly fire rule are being penalised and sanctioned according to our policy.


What happens if I killed someone by accident? 

Damage caused accidentally to an allied vehicle will be penalized usually through the deduction of credits. Excessively or intentionally causing friendly fire damage can result in a suspension or in severe or repeat cases closure of the game account.


Friendly fire attacks, accidental or intentional are violating the game rules and compensations for lost experience, credits or game time cannot be considered.


How can I spot a team killer in-game? 

If a player kills an allied vehicle, his kill counter will be decreased by one for every friendly vehicle destroyed. This can cause the kill count to go into negative numbers given the player has killed more allied vehicles than enemy vehicles.

The system will additionally flag players who have destroyed several allied vehicles over a number of games. The name of such a player will appear blue in your team list. If a player on your team appears as blue – and only then – everyone on your team can attack and destroy that player’s vehicle without a penalty.


Please note that while you are not penalized for destroying a blue allied vehicle, you also don’t get any credit for doing so – it is basically neutral – however, your counter will still be decreased by one for every allied vehicle destroyed (blue or not).

Are there any exceptions?

The following cases are not classified as team damage:

  • Self-destruction
  • Damaging or destroying a vehicle of player with a blue name (see above).
  • Any friendly fire damage done in the training room.

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