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Solving Issues That Cause Re-installation or Removal of the Game Client

Incorrect Operation of Modifications

If any functional issues of the game client that prevent you from comfortable playing arise after installing modifications, such modifications should be removed

Examples of issues:

  • The game client hangs up when performing actions with the crew.
  • You cannot enter a battle, the map is not completely loaded.
  • The game client hangs up when entering the Garage.

Issues Related to Anti-Virus 

To avoid various issues when installing and using the game client, we recommend adding the folder of the game to the trusted zone of your anti-virus. 

Examples of issues:

  • Extremely long loading of the game client or maps (This could also be caused if your game folder is located on an external drive)
  • The anti-virus accidentally quarantined the game launcher.
  • Freezes in the game.

Issues Related to the Launcher

If any launcher-related issues arise when installing or updating the game, you can try to solve it yourself.

Examples of issues:

  • Displayed message: Critical error. Unable to download updates via HTTP. The application cannot continue. For details, see log file.
  • Displayed message: Error extracting update file. Click ‘Retry’ to redownload.
  • The status line displayed: Updating launcher: checking for updates...
  • Displayed message: The application cannot display this Web-page.
  • The gear is continuously spinning. Displayed message: Online-Offline
  • The Play button is gray.

Connection to Game Servers

In case of any issues related to server connection you can also try to solve the issue yourself. 

Examples of issues:

  • Connection to the server cannot be established. Perhaps, the server is unavailable or a check of the network connection settings is required.
  • The server is not responding.
  • Continuously displayed message: "Synchronizing equipment and consumables".

If you are unable to solve the issue themselves, send a request to the User Support Center.

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