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I am having frequent lags and disconnection while playing the game, what to do?

When facing lags and disconnection, we need a test result that shows your connection to the game peripheries in order to have a better idea of the issue.

Note that we require this test to be done while you are facing the issue and not after. Do try using Pingplotter by running it before you start playing. When the issue occurs, do not pause it and let it run for 30 minutes.
Do not send us a ticket if no issues occurred.


Please follow these steps and submit a ticket with the result.
1. click "Start"
2. Select and press "Run"
3. Type "cmd" and press "OK"
4. Type "tracert" with either one of the following and press "Enter" depending on which server you are trying to connect to:
- Hong Kong periphery:
- ANZ periphery:
5. After you have performed all these actions, please, wait until the tracking is over
6. click right mouse button and choose "Select all"
7. Copy this information to .txt file and attach it to your ticket

Lastly, please go to and send us your IP Address.

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