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How to report network latency issue?

Please test the latency and attach your latest Traceroute result and Public IP (In case of dynamic IP settings) in your support ticket.

To do a trace route, please follow the steps below:

  • press "Windows"Key + "R" key
  • type "cmd" and press "OK"
  • type "tracert" for World of Tank and "tracert" for World of Warships and then press "Enter" 
  • after you have performed all these actions, please, wait until the tracking is over
  • click right mouse button and choose "Select all"
  • copy this information to .txt file and attach it to your letter

Please note that it usually takes few minutes to run the test.

Public IP address:

  • Please go to
  • Copy and paste the IP shown in the page and paste into your reply.
  • If you are uncomfortable in sending us the full IP address, you may remove the final part like

For more information about reporting lag issue, please refer to this forum topic.

If you are interested in knowing how to read traceroute result and how connection routing works, please refer to this forum topic.

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