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My game is stuck on the loading screen whenever I click a button

Sometimes after a patch update, you may encounter an issue where it keeps on loading whenever you are trying to:

  • login into the game (synchronizing message)
  • go to a different menu or page in the game (e.g: mission tab, barracks, store, depot, etc.)

When running into this issue, try to delete the cache and settings files with the following steps:

For Windows PC:

  • Close the game
  • Press Ctrl + Esc (Or Windows short cut key)
  • Type "%appdata%\\worldoftanks" (without the "") and press enter
  • Delete all of the subfolders and files in this folder
  • Start the game again

If it doesn't work, make sure to remove any mods that you have installed and make sure the ports are not blocked.

Else, send us a ticket with the WGCheck report attached.

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