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Get more with Updated Wargaming Game Center

We're constantly working on the Wargaming Game Center to ensure your experience with our games is smooth and engaging.

The latest enhancement is the single login feature. Right after you log into the Game Center, you’re automatically signed into all of our products that support the ID. Just click “Play” and battle!

Note: For those who have their Wargaming games registered on different accounts, the team is working on a multi-login option that will allow storing multiple accounts in the Game Center. We’re planning to include multi-login in one of the next updates, so stay tuned!

You can download World of Tanks through the use of the Wargaming Game Center, which will automatically download and install the game.

With the Wargaming Game Center, your copy of World of Tanks will be updated to the latest version so long as you stay online. You'll also have access to the following features:

  1. Complete control over your installation settings
  2. Sidebar showcasing the latest news
  3. Browse the hottest offers on the Premium Shop
  4. All-in-one access to other Wargaming titles

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