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Unable to connect to the update service


I am unable to download a game or patch. What can I do?

  1. Click [Retry].
  2. Check your Internet connection and restart your router/modem.
  3. Close the Game Center and delete the [Updates] folder inside the game directory. Launch Game Center and try again.
  4. Add the game you have issues with to your firewall and antivirus exception list.
    • Temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall and try again.
    • Check your router firewall.
  5. Cancel the installation or update. Delete the game you have issues with, both in Game Center and manually from the local disk and reinstall it.
  6. Try again after some time. You may have a temporary issue with your Internet connection or Internet Service Provider.
  7. Still no luck? Follow the steps mentioned in the following Microsoft Support article: Fix network connection issues in Windows

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