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Anonymizer: hide nickname and statistics in battle

How to enable the Anonymizer

  1. Go to [Settings] > [Game] tab and in the lower left part of the window, check the box [Anonymize your nickname in battle].
    • NOTE: you cannot turn this on or off while you are in battle.
  2. After turning on the Anonymizer, other players in battle will see you with a randomly generated nickname. If you are a member of a clan, the Anonymizer will also hide this.

How this works

The Anonymizer only works during a battle and hides both the player's nickname and statistics. The game generates a random plausible nickname for each battle. However, other players can find out after the battle when they want to see your statistics.

To view the nickname other players see you with while in battle, hover over the “Anonymizer Enabled” icon next to your nickname on the team list.

The Anonymizer does not help avoid sanctions. The game server, as well as Player Support, can track down all accounts.

The Anonymizer works in:

  • Random battles (Standard, Assault, Encounter, and Grand Battles) 
  • Frontline
  • Ranked battles
  • PvE
  • PvP modes
  • Some seasonal modes and events

The Anonymizer does NOT work in:

  • Team Training
  • Stronghold battles (Skirmish and Advance)
  • Global map battles
  • Stories
  • Tournaments 
  • In post-battle statistics. If a player used the Anonymizer, you can find the real nickname by clicking on the player that interests you and, if the Anonymizer was used, you will see the real nickname.

The Anonymizer and Platoons

The Anonymizer works with both static and dynamic platoons. However, you and your platoon mates will still see your real nicknames while the random nickname provided by the Anonymizer will be displayed to your other teammates and adversaries.

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