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What Are Dog Tags?

Your Dog Tag is your signature in World of Tanks. It is displayed to opponents whose vehicles you destroy in Random Battles.

A Dog Tag cannot be purchased using any in-game currency.

What Does a Dog Tag Include?

Dog Tags consist of three elements:

  • Nickname and clan name: This is a static element that changes only when you change your nickname or clan. If you have the Anonymizer enabled, then opponents will see randomized information in place of your actual nickname/clan name.
  • Background: This can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as earning certain rewards in battle.
  • Engraving: This displays the main information that your defeated enemies will see.

You can combine elements to make your Dog Tag look as unique as possible. There is also a default view for the Dog Tag.

To view all Dog Tag elements available in the game, go to the Player Account menu in the game client.


There, you will also find a description of how to unlock components that you have not yet received.

How Dog Tags Work

When you destroy an enemy vehicle, your Dog Tag is displayed to the opponent whose vehicle was destroyed. The opponent sees your achievements, skill, etc.

You cannot disable the display of Dog Tags of opponents who destroyed your vehicle.

When you destroy an opponent's vehicle, their Dog Tag is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. You can disable this option if you do not want to be distracted in battle. Go to the game settings, click on the General tab, and uncheck the "Display Dog Tags of enemy vehicles you destroy" option.


If you want to remain anonymous upon a defeat, you can disable the display of your information on your Dog Tag. In this case, the opponent will see a default Dog Tag. Go to the game settings, click on the General tab, and uncheck the "Display Dog Tag after your vehicle is destroyed" option.


Read more about Dog Tags on the official portal.

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