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Gameplay: How Do I Start A Flight

A flight is like a platoon in World of Tanks. A flight enables teamwork between up to two people.

To create a flight:

  1. When in the Hangar, there is a "Play in a flight" option to the left of the Battle! button.

  2. A window will open showing players who are currently looking for someone to team up with. After some time, a player will be automatically found for your flight.

  3. You can also invite a player from your friends list if they are online. To do so, click the Contacts button in the lower left corner of the screen, then click on the player's nickname from those online, right-click and select the “Invite” menu item.


  4. After you have selected a player and sent them an invitation, a Flight interface will appear on the left side of the screen, displaying the status of the players (“Not ready”, “Waiting for response”).


  5. After all players confirm they are ready (by clicking Battle), a three-second countdown to the start of the battle begins. After the countdown, the flight will be added to the matchmaker queue.


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