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Aircraft: How to Research and Upgrade them

Combinations of modules that are available for mounting on the aircraft affect its tactical and technical characteristics, and combat performance. You can choose your own combination of modules that will make your aircraft faster, more maneuverable, or better armed. In addition, you can install equipment and consumables (the number depends on the aircraft tier), which will give you an additional advantage over your opponents.


Each aircraft has two configurations: Stock and Specialist. The former includes the modules that are researched at the expense of the combat experience for the aircraft or free experience, and bought using credits.

After researching all the modules available for a particular aircraft, it is given Elite status. You no longer need to research the following planes in the branches to achieve Elite status. Elite status allows for force-training the crew for an aircraft, converting combat experience into free XP, and also unlocks a special combat task to gain access to the purchase of the “Specialist” package (bought using credits, the cost depends on the aircraft tier).

The “Specialist” package consists only of top-end modules, has additional slots for equipment and consumables, and also allows for mounting Advanced and Ultimate equipment.


  1. Select the aircraft from the aircraft panel in the Hangar by left-clicking it and click the Modules tab at the top of the screen (found under the Depot button).

  2. Here is a window of aircraft modules. In the stock configuration, each structural element is connected by arrows with subsequent, more advanced versions of modules. Parts already mounted on the aircraft are marked with yellow check marks. Hover over the module you want to research and purchase it to view its parameters.
  3. By left-clicking the module, you will see the amount of experience and credits required for its research and purchase. A Research button will also appear:

    Or Purchase and mount:


As already mentioned, when the aircraft receives Elite status, this unlocks access to a special combat mission, which allows you to purchase the full "Specialist" package.

The conditions and progress of the special mission can be seen in the right panel of the aircraft — hover the cursor over the "Specialist" icon:


Click the "Specialist" icon and the aircraft development window will open with a more detailed description.


If there is no time or desire to perform a combat mission, it can be completed using tokens by clicking the Accomplish button in the airplane development window.

After performing the special mission, the aircraft development window will display the “Specialist” package purchase button.


The cost of buying a full "Specialist" package depends on the aircraft tier.

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