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How can I get Premium Ship back that I have sold?

We are offering to restore "Premium Ships" in the following conditions:

  • Purchased with doubloons from in-game tech trees
  • Purchased from Premium Shop
  • Received as Gift ships
  • Awarded from special events

Terms and Condition of the Policy 

  • The restoration doesn't include "Commander / Experience / Camouflage / Consumable / Equipment"
  • The certain amount of credits earned from selling the ship and an empty port slot must be prepared
  • Players can only send one request per account for six months
  • In one request, it doesn't limit number of Premium Ships [Effective Nov 1, 2018]

How to request

  • You may create a ticket in the following page (Link)
  • Please provide the necessary information when creating a ticket
  • Name of ships info. can be found in the following page (Link)

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