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HDR rendering and World of Warships

What is HDR rendering?

HDR rendering (high dynamic range) is a method of calculating and rendering an image using a wide color and brightness range.

The ratio of light brightness corresponds to reality, so the shades can easily be differentiated from one another. It allows the simulation of a bright day, dark night, and everything between, as well as looking from a low-light perspective towards a bright light or vice versa in an accurate and realistic way.

The display capabilities of the image aren’t dependent on any software or hardware: the calculated image is always the same and, doesn't require any special video cards or monitors.

How to customize HDR

  1. Go to the game [Settings]
  2. Go to [Graphics]
  3. Adjust the [Gamma] slider

It's possible that the image might appear too bright or too dark for you—both the technical characteristics of a monitor and the way in which you specifically and individually perceive colors influence the way you see it.

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