World of Warships

Changes and Improvements in Update 12.10

  • Added a section number indicator in the Collections window.
  • Improved the visual details of the armor layout for the following ships: Hōshō, Ryūjō, Shōkaku, Hakuryū, Kaga, and Kaga B.
  • Added fixes to the textures and other visuals for the following ships: Amalfi, Lüshun, Venezia, Delny, Prinz Heinrich, Somme, Iowa, Repulse B, Shōkaku, Brandenburg B, Smolensk B, and Jäger.
  • Fixed an issue with Repulse that caused her AA defenses to not work properly in some situations.
  • Fixed the tool-tip description for the Early Access feature.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed bot ship horn sounds to be heard even if the ship horn option had been turned off in the settings.
  • Fixed an audio issue that caused ship engine sounds to be heard even after the ship making them had been destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Equipment tab interface to work incorrectly for hybrid ships.
  • Fixed an audio issue on battleships that sometimes caused second and third shot sounds of the main battery salvo to not play properly and get cut off prematurely.
  • Fixed an audio issue with Puerto Rico's horn that caused it to have a low volume in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug on hybrid ships that caused the squadron consumables hotkey to be changed if a player changed other consumable hotkeys in the game settings.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the British Commonwealth permanent camouflage for Haida and Vanguard permanent camouflage for Minekaze from being shown in the Captain's Logbook.
  • Fixed a terrain bug that caused ships to crash into invisible textures on the Shards map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused one of the secondary guns on Borodino to not rotate properly when there was no enemy ship nearby.
  • Fixed an issue for tactical squadrons that caused the animation for jet-assisted take-off not to be shown despite being active.
  • Fixed an issue with tactical squadrons that sometimes caused jet-assisted take-off to not slow down when the key for slowing down was pressed.
  • Fixed a minor texture issue affecting the Heroic Clash collection background image.
  • Fixed a UI description bug for a combat mission in the Thai language.
  • Fixed a bug on the Ocean map which caused Key Area B to not be neutral from the start of the battle in the Domination mode.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from setting up a Division for Clan Battles before the Prime Time was available.