World of Warships

Update: Game Loading Problems



Some players using mods could have encountered an issue that prevents you from entering the battle after the loading screen. It is happening because of the conflict between mods and the latest fix deployed to remove an issue leading to client crashes.

Right now we can offer two possible workarounds for this situation:

  1. Either fully removing all mods and then conducting an integrity check. Do not install mods after that, or the loading screen issue will be back. In this case, the anti-crashes fix will be in place.
  2. Or reinstalling all the mods. However, the fix against crashes won’t work and, most importantly, any integrity check will bring back the issue with the loading screen, and it will require reinstalling the mods again.

We understand that this is a big inconvenience, and we are working on a fix for the situation.


World of Warships Team